Mating connectore and pins

------Question for 1-480303-0 Please Put your question below------
Looking for part numbers for the mating 3 pin connector shell and pins for the Tyco connector 1-480303-0 that has sockets in it

Welcome to the Technical Forum. Unfortuanately we do not have anything with the pins already installed. The terminals you need would be located under associated products on the link for the connector: 1-480303-0

You just scroll down and they are listed under the associated product. Once you click on the terminal you want, you can scroll down again and the associated tools for that terminal will be listed.

Sorry, I noticed that section once I already emailed the question so ordered a couple to verify they will fit. Thank you for the response

Luke Kedrowski

Not a problem. Our website has a lot of information. We appreciate the questions. Just let us know if you have any other questions. We are happy to help.