Mating for Phoenix Contact P/N: 1554694

Hi Team,

I’m looking for mating part of Phoenix Contact P/N: 1554694. This mating is using to test internally whether it can mate with 1554694. Please provide the MPN of the mating part.

Hello Erik09

Thank you for using the Digikey Tech Forum.

I am sorry to inform you that there is no mate offered for PN 1554694.

1513347 or 1511860 would seem like suitable options.

Note that some flavors of “M12” connectors are sufficiently standardized as to permit mating of products from different vendors. 43-00130 would seem a likely example of such in this case.

If you scroll down to the bottom of our product page from 1554694 as CBL MALE TO WIRE LEAD 8POS 1.64’, we list another mating option from Phoenix Contact with 1554720 as CBL FMALE TO WIRE LEAD 8P 1.64’ (Female connector).

Our Highrunner combination from stock would be 1411595 & 1419690 (Female connector).