May know the meaning for TPW4R50ANH_L1Q(M suffix "M"?

It’s mosfet part No. May know the meaning for TPW4R50ANH_L1Q(M suffix “M”?

Hello Ava and welcome to the DigiKey tech forum.

It seems that TPW4R50ANH,L1Q(M is just another call out for TPW4R50ANH,L1Q. The data sheets I found online for the M is the same as TPW4R50ANH,L1Q data sheet we have. Unfortunately there is no indication marking the meaning of the suffixes or any part numbering breakdown. Maybe someone else has more info on this.

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Hello @ava691975902 ,

When looking at transistors from Toshiba there are a large number of suffixes that are added to end of the part number that are often not called out in the manufacturer data sheet.These are often calling out packaging and RoHS status and do not have an effect on the part specifications per this TechForum post.

It can also be verified the same part by looking at “Other Names” (former part numbers) at the bottom of the non-M suffix product page:

Regarding RoHS, sometimes the part is already RoHS compliant, and the manufacturer updates the part number to include the RoHS call-out. If the part was not formerly RoHS compliant, then they would issue a PCN or part change notice which would typically be listed on the product page. In that instance then the PCN or RoHS change could affect the part or solderability of the part. I didn’t see any PCN’s associated with this part number, so again it looks to be the same part.

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hello Ryan, I also found it by DigiKey, and know the same call out for TPW4R50ANH_L1Q, but actually I want to the actually meaning for "M"suffix ending, is that mean country of origin? if yes, which country it indicate?

Hi ava691975902 ,

Thanks for your question. M suffix for this part typically calls out Malaysia factory code. However, since this suffix/code may be out of date, it is recommended to contact our sales department to clarify the actual up-to-date country of origin.

They can be reached at