MIC2039 marking

I have a MIC2039 with marking 39AF. Which part is it?

Hello Dangela,
Thank you for your inquiry and welcome to the TechForum. The datasheet has a part breakout for the series you can check to verify part marking. Due to counterfeiting we do not give part marking information. You can send a photo of the product and we will verify the part marking. Please include the purchase order number for the parts. Send to customer.service@digikey.com

Our CM says it’s the MIC2039FYM6 but it seems to have a high true enable which would be the MIC2039AYM6 or the MIC2039EYM6. We wanted to use the AP2553W6-7 with a high true Enable but it’s unavailable and DigiKey recommended the MIC2039FYM6 with the low true Enable. And it needs a different Rset. I’ve been trying to contact Microchip with no luck.

Thanks for your help.