Missing SF code on my NO2 sensor module


I ordered an NO2 sensing voltage module (code 968-047).

As you can see, the sensitivity calibration code is missing, which is normally present next to that barcode.

I’m pretty sure I need that calibration constant for my arduino code. Is there anywhere else I can find it?

Cheers, Jack


I have forwarded this question to the product management group , as soon as I get an answer I will post it here for you .

Thanks Craig

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Hi Jack,
I sent you an email with the attached information you were asking for.

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Hi. I have a same problem. Would you please send me the sensitivity code of this product

Hello Saleh.najafi70,

I’ve placed an inquiry with our Product Management team on supporting your request. We’ll get back as soon as we have any information.

The answer to this inquiry is the sensitivity code is going to be built into that bar code, what they call the ‘Data Matrix Code’.

Details on how to read the bar codes and the label specification are located in documents:

590-002 SPEC Sensors Label Specification
590-007 SPEC Sensors Barcode Readers

Which can be found here on SPEC Sensors Resource Library

Hello again. Thank you for your response.
Unfortunately, The barcode is very very small and very unclear. So it cannot bet scanned to show the information. Moreover, there is no numbers besides the barcode to read sensitivity code based on the manual.

To quote 590-007 SPEC Sensors Barcode Readers:

Data Matrix codes are different than QR Codes and may not be recognized by some generic QR Code smart phone apps. In some cases, Data Matrix codes must be enabled within the app settings. Data Matrix and QR Codes are selected by default in the app listed below.
3 The small 0.17 mm feature size of the 24 x 24 data matrix code is challenging for very low-cost
scanners and most generic smart phone apps. However, the scanners and apps listed below have been
verified to work under most conditions…

And then the above document has further instruction on how to optimize the Cognex Barcode Scanner app to read the small Data Matrix code.

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oh thank you very very much. it worked. I really do appreciated it.