Murata Inclinometer Suffixes -1 -6 & -10


When looking at a Murata Inclinometer part such as SCA830-D07-1 the suffix on the end is an indication of the factory reel size.

Suffix Reel Size
-1 100 Pieces
-6 600 Pieces
-10 1,000 Pieces


Applicable Part Numbers

SCA830-D07-1 SCA830-D07-1 SCA830-D07-1 SCA61T-FAHH1G-1 SCA61T-FAHH1G-1 SCA61T-FAHH1G-1 SCA103T-D04-1 SCA103T-D04-1 SCA103T-D04-1 SCA103T-D05-1 SCA103T-D05-1 SCA100T-D02-1 SCA100T-D02-1 SCA100T-D02-1 SCA61T-FA1H1G-1 SCA61T-FA1H1G-1 SCA61T-FA1H1G-1 SCA100T-D01-1 SCA100T-D01-1 SCA100T-D01-1 SCA830-D07-10 SCA61T-FA1H1G-6 SCA61T-FAHH1G-6 SCA100T-D01-6 SCA100T-D02-6 SCA103T-D04-6 SCA103T-D05-6 SCA121T-D09