Murata Pulse transformer 77201C change to 77202c is it the same?


Could you help me, since the product that i want to purchase Murata 77201C is Obsolete

i saw in the data sheet The replacement that most suitable is Murata 77202C , all data almost the esame, but the TURN ratio is different The 77201C is 1:1 and 77202 is 1:1:1 .
Is it will a big different ?

Will need 23 Pcs

Thank you

Hello Dlanz15 welcome to the Forum community. The Digi-key part for this part number for 77202C is 811-3697-ND This is not in stock presently, but it is orderable. It may not be exactly the same, you are encouraged to compare datasheets to verify this is right for your application. Here is a side-by-side comparison of the two products.

You can order directly from the Product Detail Page link I gave you above, e-mail your order to or if you prefer phone or fax, the numbers are 1-800-344-4539 or 218-681-6674 (phone) or 218-681-3300 (fax).

Dear Jenny .

Appreciate your fast response.
Already look side-by-side comparison , could you advise is it will have big difference between ratio 1:1 vs 1:1:1 i really doesn’t know,
there is also product the same with Murata 77201 its Hammond pulse transformer 630B but it was obsolete also.


Hello. I’m not certain if there is a big difference or not, but I have e-mailed my Murata Product Specialist to verify. I will get back to you as soon as I have that information.

Thank you for the inquiry.
The customer can use that product, but please note the circuitry is different for each ratio stated below.
The application would need redesigning with this part.

There are 2 secondary windings on the output side of the transformer:


The lower left shows that this circuit is for 77205C in the datasheet, but the ratios are still the same for 77202C on the 2 secondary windings.
Please offer part number 77204C to the customer, as this would be a better fit with the physical specifications and circuit specifications (1:1 ratio).

Please also have the customer verify that this product will work for their application.
There are similar product attributes to the original part, but the specifications will need to be verified by the datasheet.