myLists Reference Designator Character Limit

The Reference Designator field of the lists has a 255 character limit. This is highly impractical for containing a string of reference designators. This is a great and convenient feature, but it should not cut off like that. For example, 100 resistors using the name “RXXX” would take 598 characters to list in a human readable string (using commas and spaces). This limit needs to be removed or dramatically increased.


A lot of time has passed and it seems like this is still an issue. As @timothyscherer points out this character limit is actually very easy to hit on large designs, especially with hierarchical reference designators which can easily be 5-7 characters each. It’s not that hard to have 40+ of one component in a BOM.

I agree the Lists feature is really great in general. But in this specific respect, Digi-Key has a BOM upload tool that often can’t be used to upload BOMs. And not only does it delete anything past the reference designator limit, it doesn’t even tell you when it does this! You just have to get lucky and notice, or know to look out for it.

If this could be fixed it would be really great! Otherwise it makes the Lists feature almost too unreliable to really use.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I have forwarded off to be reviewed. I will let you know if any updates. In the future for any issues or feedback about the site, feel free to email “user experience” at

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