Need help selecting connectors

I’m looking for an 18-14 style panel mount receptacle and a corresponding cable plug end to mate to it, with pins and sockets for the wires. Amphenol style like AHDM04-18-14PN, but would prefer the 4 screw plate mount.

I’m building / recreating a missing joystick control box for a scissor lift I just bought.

Can someone help point me in the direction with part numbers so I can order this?


Would you have example images/drawings for the connector you are looking for?

The 18-14 connector on the bottom row, 3rd from right drawing

I’d recommend “circular connector” as an initial keyword search. Whether dealing with rectangulars or circulars, there’s a bit of a split between items sold as “connectors” (typically complete/integrated types) and products with components sold separately as “housings” “contacts” “accessories” etc.

If you’re heart’s set on an 18-14 format, select that under “shell size-insert” and apply.

Desired contact morphology for a given connector half can be specified under “connector type”

“mounting feature” can be used to specify a preferred mechanical mounting format; with such selections being interactive with/auxiliary to those made under “mounting type.”

If there are “mating products” referenced at the bottom of a given product detail page, that’s the easiest way to ID a mating product. Else, back up to the page where you’d narrowed down to the 18-14 format, and start drilling down again by specifying the conjugate connector type.

Finally, please note that finding a matching connector pair might be tougher than in seasons past, due to present market conditions. Also, it appears that the photos on a number of listed products potentially meeting your need appear to be incorrect; trust the parametrics, not the photos…