Need help with replacement of obsolete relay

I have a Zettler AZ986-1C-24DC4R1 relay that is bad and have tried to find a replacement. I’m being told that it is an obsolete part so I need to find a suitable replacement relay. Can anyone tell me what the replacement part number and manufacturer would be?

Hello , Spalants63, There is no direct matching cross for this part, the closes I can get is 2449-A21CSQ24VDC1.6R-ND does not have the same foot print.

Thanks for the feedback. Will the 2449-A21CSQ24VDC1.6R-ND provide the same function? When you say footprint, does that mean I would need to re-wire the plug that this relay connects to?

This means you will have to check when you try to place on board as it does not match foot print or the placements of the contacts. Please verify that before you purchase to see if you can modify on your end.

Hi splants63,

I have not found a match in our inventory, either. It is an ISO-280 style relay, of which we do carry some, such as these. However, neither of them have the dust shroud and mounting tab of your relay. If you can do a bit adaptation or re-wiring, I’m sure we could get you something that would work.

However, doing a bit of hunting on Google, I do believe I found what you need here.

EDIT: the linked relay above is for SPST rather than SPDT. Sorry about that.

Thanks David_1528 for the feedback. I have looked at the items you suggested but they all appear to be 12 volt DC. My application is 24 volt DC

Yes, I missed that too. I will look at 24V.

Here are the 24V options we have. Same footprint, no shroud or tab:

The 2449-A2S1CSQ24VDC1.6R-ND looks to be a functionally very similar part to the AZ986-1C-24DC4R1, but it would require getting a different wiring harness and socket.

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