NI - GPIB-USB-HS+ Cable Assembly

When searching for the difference between NI’s GPIB-USB-HS+ Cable Assembly, the following information may help.


783370-01 - GPIB-USB-HS+, WITH NI-488.2 FOR MAC which is a cable assembly and CD with NI-488.2 for the macOS version.

783368-01 - GPIB-USB-HS+, WITH NI-488.2 FOR WINDOWS which is a cable assembly, and there is a notice stating that the driver software DVD is not included in the kit but there is a URL to download it for the Windows version.

154939-01 - GPIB-USB-HS+ (BOARD ONLY) which is a cable assembly only, there is no CD or paper giving the download address.

All of these parts include a cable assembly with cable and USB connector.