NTE5074A maximum applied voltage

What is the maximum voltage that can be applied to a NTE5074A? I see similar products with 75V and 200V, but cannot find one for this NTE part.

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I have sent a request for this information to our Product Manager for NTE parts.
I will post a reply when I get the reply on this.

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Per the datasheet, NTE5074A appears to be an 11v zener diode.

Like other zener diodes, roughly ~1v and change appears across it when current is passed through in the forward direction, and something approximating the nominal zener voltage appears across it when current is passed in the reverse direction.

Actual observed values will vary with device tolerance, temperature, and the amount of current used when making the measurement.

I was wondering what the maximum applied voltage to a zener can be without damaging the device. Can 100V be applied in the reverse direction to generate 11V? How about 200V?

It’s not a question of how much voltage can be applied, so much as the amount of current flow that results.

Loosely speaking, your zener is a 1W device with Vz=11v. P/V=I, thus 91mA is about the maximum reverse current permissible.

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Below is the response the product manager received from NTE Electronics, Inc.
“The maximum voltage would be 11.55V (since the tolerance is +/-5%).”