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Hello Tech forum, I need a cross for
Panasonic PN: ETQ-P6F8R2HFA (PCD1312CT-ND)
OMRON PN: G8P-1A4P-DC24 (Z1008-ND)

Hi, welcome to tech forum! We do not have a good alternate for ETQ-P6F8R2HFA at this time. For G8P-1A4P-DC24 you can check out 255-1720-ND (link below) to see if it might work for you. Glenda

255-1720-ND JTN1AS-PA-F-DC24V Panasonic Electric Works | Relays | DigiKey

Hi Kimberly,

There is no such thing as a direct cross for inductors, but here are a few that are worth considering:

Refer to respective datasheets for footprint compatibility and specification comparisons.