Obsolete Remco R-115S Relay

Do you know of a replacement or work around for Remco R-115S (
705-1041-ND) for lighting control? I have a old home that I am working on and I am trying to solve a failed relay without having to convert the entire system.

Thank you

Hello bcshivley, and welcome to the DigiKey TechForum.

Unfortunately, I am not finding anything that matches the electrical specifications of the 705-1041-ND,

Hello bcshivley,

Yes, I see your dilemma as the Remco relay was discontinued, and no supplies are available from any of the usual distributors or alphabet websites.

I did find this link which provides some background information and suggests a possible alternative. While DigiKey could certainly provide components for an alternative solution, it’s not simple and does not intrinsically provide the convenience and safety aspects built into the original Remcon relay.

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