OmniVision programming and design data

Hi, I have a process question. I am looking for design information on a specific OmniVision FPA (OS05A20). OmniVision has referred me to Digi-Key Technical Support for this design information. How do I proceed? I am looking for full interface and programming information – do I have to purchase chips or an Eval Kit first? Thanks!


There should be more information than the product brief, but I wasn’t able to find any details on the OmniVision site. I will send this request to another department and post an answer here once I have a reply.

Hello again, and thank you for your patience.

Some suppliers require a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) with a customer before sharing certain information, and that is the case with Omnivision and the product in question (OS05A20). If you don’t already have an NDA established with Omnivision, you can start at to begin the process (choose ‘No’ when asked if you have an NDA). If the answer is ‘Yes’, you may receive the documents that you need.

If you do have an NDA with Omnivision, we need that information to make the same request to the supplier if for some reason the above process doesn’t work for you. In that case, you would not post that in the forum, but you can send an email to with your customer number and the information regarding the NDA. You can reference this forum post instead of repeating the initial request (use the URL of the forum thread).

Thanks, Bill! I had submitted a ‘Contact Sales’ request on OmniVision’s website before, with no response. I have re-submitted with ‘I WOULD LIKE TO START THE NDA PROCESS’ in the product description section, so I am hopeful things will go differently this time!

In my experience, image sensor vendors as a class are a rather uptight and selective bunch. If you’re corresponding from a freemail, .edu, or ISP-based domain, there’s a good chance that you won’t get a response.

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Thanks, rick_1976. I am not responding from one of those domains.

Bill Gust – OmniVision responded to me with the same ‘form letter’ response as on my previous attempt, even though I clearly had an NDA request in the content. So clearly there’s a communications disconnect between DigiKey and OmniVision. Any other advice?

I sent a quick note to the email address we have on record for your customer number. I won’t post that here, of course, but I’ll wait for you to reply to it. As Rick pointed out, Omnivision may or may not share proprietary information regardless of the NDA request, but this is the only option I have left to offer.

If you don’t see my email, today, please send your contact information to and reference this forum post (include the URL). Ask to have your email forwarded to me.