OSRAM OSLON Pure 1010 Silicone LED Handling

The OSLON Pure 1010 series LEDs from OSRAM, which Digi-Key does offer some of, have a yellow silicone resin sealing compound top. If it is not handled correctly, there may be issues with that silicone resin becoming damaged. While these silicone resin LEDs can be easily damaged, if handled correctly, they do have some advantages.

When processing these products, mechanical stress on the LED can be very important. Just like all LEDs, these should be handled on the housing of the LED. This helps to avoid piercing the silicone resin sealing compound on the LED. Here is an image that shows an example of good and bad ways to handle the LED.
Screenshot 2020-10-26 131015 correct handling

Dust particles can be an issue with these products as well. This is because the silicone resin sealing compound is softer than most other standard encapsulants, and attracts more dust. Too clean this, OSRAM suggests using isopropyl alcohol. After soldering these products, you may want to rinse them for 5-10 seconds, and OSRAM also says that Ultrasonic cleaning will not work with these products.

The big advantage of having this silicone resin sealing compound instead of an epoxy based compound, is the lifetime of the product. Also, these silicone resin products offer a higher junction temperature rating. These LEDs would work well in automobile applications.