Other than raspberry pi WH zero

looking forward to alternative of raspberry pi w zero , low cost development board to help the poor student in there education. now open education resources are available which are very good in provide digital edcuation if any one knows that there is alternative of raspberry pi w zero , development board which can perform similar kind of work please let me know this is in need of edcuation and urgent .

IMHO, there is no product on the market even remotely close to the Raspberry Pi Zero W.

Everything else is either much more expensive, much lower performance, much worse operating system & software support, or a combination of all three.

The closest I ever saw was CHIP from Next Thing Co.

I started my use of SBC’s with that line but unfortunately the needed volume ramp up coincided with the Toshiba Fukushima disaster financial problems and sell off of it’s Flash memory division leading to Next Thing Co. going bankrupt.