P1 measurement on TDK B32776 & B32778 Series Capacitors


When looking at capacitors in the B32778 and B32776 series from TDK you will see a call out in the drawing for lead spacing and row spacing P1. While the lead spacing is clearly defined the “P1” measurement is a bit hidden.

For the B32776 Series

For the B32778 Series

If you look at the data sheet there is a note for the B32778 part numbers that reads “Ordering codes and packing units (lead spacing 52.5 mm, P1 = 20.3 mm)” This is the only spot this is called out.

Applicable Part Numbers

B32778G9506K000 B32778G1206K000 B32778G1256K000 B32778G8456K000 B32778G0306K000 B32778G1276K000 B32778G8556K000 B32778G8606K000 B32778G0406K000 B32778G0306J000 B32778G8506K000 B32778G4107K000 B32778G4756K000 B32778G4117K000 B32778J0207K000 B32778J1127K000 B32778J4487K000 B32778J5367K000 B32778J8277K000 B32778G5606J000 B32778G5606K000 B32778G9356J000 B32778G9356K000 B32778G8456J000 B32778G5806J000 B32778G5806K000 B32778G8556J000 B32778G8606J000 B32778G1276J000 B32778G0406J000 B32778G4756J000 B32778G4806K000 B32778G4107J000

B32776G1805K000 B32776G8156K000 B32776G0206K000 B32776G4406K000 B32776G8306K000 B32776G0126J000 B32776G4506K000 B32776T1355K000 B32776T4126K000 B32776G0146K000 B32776G1106K000 B32776G4306K000 B32776T0505K000 B32776E8206K000 B32776T4166K000 B32776G8206K000 B32776T1275K000 B32776T8685K000 B32776T0395K000 B32776T8855K000 B32776T5126K000 B32776G8306J000 B32776E8306K000 B32776G1805J000 B32776T9505J000 B32776T9505K000 B32776T9755K000 B32776T0505J000 B32776E8146K000 B32776E9156K000 B32776G9156K000 B32776T5855K000 B32776E5256K000 B32776G5256K000 B32776E0126K000 B32776E1106K000 B32776G8156J000 B32776E0146K000 B32776E9206K000 B32776G9206K000 B32776G0126K000 B32776E8206J000 B32776E9226K000 B32776G9226K000 B32776E0166K000 B32776E5306J000 B32776E5306K000 B32776G5306J000 B32776G5306K000 B32776E4306K000 B32776E8256K000 B32776G1126K000 B32776E9256J000 B32776E9256K000 B32776G9256J000 B32776G9256K000 B32776E8256J000 B32776G8206J000 B32776E1146K000 B32776G0166K000 B32776G8226K000 B32776E5356J000 B32776E5356K000 B32776G5356J000 B32776G5356K000 B32776E4356K000 B32776G8226J000 B32776E8306J000 B32776E5456K000 B32776G5456K000 B32776E0206K000 B32776E4406K000 B32776E4406J000 B32776G4356K000 B32776G1106J000 B32776G0206J000 B32776E1146J000 B32776G9306J000 B32776G0146J000 B32776E4506K000 B32776E4606K000 B32776E4606J000 B32776G0106K000 B32776G4606K000