P9242-RNDGI Questions about the wireless power transmition design

Hi I am an electrical-electronics enginerring student and I am currently trying to design a 15W wireless power transportation solution using P9242-R chip. I followed the datasheet to draw the schematic of most of the circuit. But I came accross some parts that I don’t really understand how it works and whether if I should put it in my design or not.

The pins 25-29 are reserved and it is advised not to connect them in “Table 1. Pin Descriptions” in 6th page. But they are connected to a NOR Flash component. The capacitance and resistance values are not given too.

  1. As I understand, there are mainly three versions of this IC: P9242-RNDGI8, P9242-R3NDGI8 and P9242-RBNDGI8. P9242-R3NDGI8 comes with application firmware and P9242-RBNDGI8 doesn’t. But what about P9242-RNDGI8? Because it is the only version that I found avaliable to order.

  2. As I understand, the flash component is required for only the versions without the application firmware. If P9242-RNDGI8 comes without the firmware how can it be programmed, using which tools and are there any guides for that?

  3. About the EN’ which is the first pin, should I just connect it to the ground to keep the IC running all the time or is it needs to be connected to another controller chip? Whith its object detection capabilities I think it wouldn’t cause much inefficiency to connect this pin directly to the ground but I am not sure.

  4. To set the LED pattern and Enabling/Disabling the Q-factor Detection for FOD the resistor values are given in a table (Table 9. page 18). I don’t really understand “LED/Q-Fact Pin Voltage” What should I consider while choosing an option and what does it mean to have pull-up and pull-down voltages in there? The same thing goes for the information given in Table 6. in page 15 I don’t know which treshold value to choose.

  5. What is the programming connector is for if the chip comes with its own application firmware and if it doesn’t do I need to use these ports to program it?

  6. Lastly, are there any possible ways to simulate the chip before buying it?

I tried to ask these questions in Renesas’s Tech Forum and didn’t get much from it. Then tried to contact technical support team by submitting a ticket but they suggested me to contact with a distributor. Therefore here I am.

Thank you for your attention.

Thanks to the customer service my questions are answered. Here I am pasting the contents of the mail I received so anyone having the same questions can benefit from them.

Hello. Nuri

Please take a look at the attached guidelines. The schematic on page 16 should be helpful.

To answer the customer questions:

  1. P9242-RNDGI8 comes with firmware.
  2. N/A
  3. According to the datasheet on page 16, if the chip is on when the EN pin is pulled low.
  4. The default is to leave resistors 40 and 44 open. The LED pattern is a matter of personal choice and does not affect the performance of the chip so leaving R44 open is fine. Leaving R40 open only means that the tuned FOD threshold is 0. If the current is anything other than 2.5A, “the P9242-R will increase the switching frequency or reduce the duty cycle in order to keep the input current below the OCP value”.
  5. You shouldn’t need to program anything on the chip.
  6. Unfortunately, there is not.


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