Panasonic Hxx suffix information

Recently I had a customer contact me looking for a Panasonic relay CP1A-12V-H23. Unfortunately the “H23” portion of the relay was not on the Panasonic Data Sheet. I inquired with my product manager to see what this suffix meant and if the standard CP1A-12V was a viable solution.

Unfortunately I was informed that the Hxx suffixes are custom parts and the part numbering is not standardized. This can be a simple as a custom part marking and can be more complicated with plated up/down version or high temp epoxy. It is possible that the standard part will work, however if for example it is a high temp epoxy the replacement part may not be suitable for the application.

Some of these parts are available to order with high MFG MOQs and some are only available to the original customer who designed in the custom solution.

If you have any questions on these or other manufacturer suffixes please feel free to ask and our team of engineers and techs will be here to assist.

Relay Part Numbers

255-1240-ND 255-1239-ND 255-3093-2-ND 255-3093-1-ND 255-3093-6-ND 255-2591-ND 255-1940-ND 255-2584-2-ND 255-2584-1-ND 255-2584-6-ND 255-1834-ND 255-5162-ND 255-1828-ND 255-1832-ND 255-1830-ND 255-1833-ND 255-2178-ND 255-2177-ND 255-2079-ND 255-3041-ND 255-3104-ND 255-2220-ND 255-5164-ND 255-5160-ND 255-2735-ND 255-2185-ND 255-3729-ND 255-2583-ND 255-1852-ND 255-1851-ND 255-3735-ND 255-2179-ND 255-2171-ND 255-1825-ND 255-2161-ND 255-2730-ND 255-1829-ND 255-2163-ND 255-1824-ND 255-5268-ND 255-5272-ND 255-3531-ND 255-2725-ND 255-2082-ND 255-3733-ND 255-3044-ND 255-3039-ND 255-3105-ND 255-2580-ND 255-2223-ND 255-2815-ND 255-5159-ND 255-5158-ND 255-3336-2-ND 255-4127-5-ND 255-5271-ND 255-2183-ND 255-1826-ND 255-2169-ND 255-2181-ND 255-1827-ND 255-4042-ND 255-2728-ND 255-3413-ND 255-2731-ND 255-5273-ND 255-1831-ND 255-3411-ND CB1A-R-WM-12V-ND 255-2733-ND 255-3732-ND 255-3517-ND 255-5875-2-ND 255-5875-1-ND 255-5875-6-ND 255-5868-ND 255-5872-ND 255-5724-ND 255-3417-2-ND 255-3417-1-ND 255-2162-ND 255-3042-ND 255-3596-ND 255-5163-ND 255-2165-ND 255-3111-ND 255-3108-ND 255-3693-ND 255-4128-5-ND 255-3415-ND 255-3692-ND 255-5161-ND 255-2175-ND 255-2176-ND 255-4212-ND 255-3414-ND 255-2732-ND 255-3734-ND 255-3344-ND 255-2727-ND 255-5269-ND 255-2726-ND 255-3040-ND 255-3597-ND 255-3106-ND 255-3107-ND 255-3691-ND 255-3101-ND 255-3730-ND 255-3110-ND 255-6158-ND 255-6157-ND 255-5873-ND 255-3728-ND 255-6149-ND 255-5871-ND 255-6156-ND 255-5876-ND 255-6192-ND 255-6155-ND 255-6148-ND 255-6150-ND 255-6151-ND 255-6153-ND 255-6152-ND 255-6154-ND 255-1939-ND 255-3335-ND 255-5270-ND 255-2172-ND 255-2180-ND 255-1835-ND CA1A-DC12V-N-ND 255-2083-ND 255-3355-ND 255-3943-ND 255-2579-ND CB1AF-R-12V-ND 255-2170-ND 255-3109-ND 255-5869-ND 255-5874-ND 255-5870-ND 255-6147-ND

JSM1-12V-5 JSM1-12V-4 CP1SA-12V-X CP1SA-12V-X CP1SA-12V-X ACT112 CP1A-12V ACNM7112SAX ACNM7112SAX ACNM7112SAX CB1A-P-12V ACJ5112 CB1A-M-12V CB1-P-12V CB1-M-12V CB1-P-24V CB1AH-P-24V CB1AH-P-12V CB1AH-M-12V AEV14012W AEP18012 JJM1-12V ACVN51212 ACJ2112 CM1A-12V CM1-R-12V CM1A-R-12V ACNH3212 ACT512 ACT212 CB1AF-M-12V CB1F-12V CB1A-R-M-12V CB1-12V CB1-R-12V CB1F-M-12V CB1A-M-24V CB1-R-M-12V CB1-24V CA1A-12V-N-5 CA1A-12V-A-5 CB1AHF-P-12V CA1-DC12V-N CB1AH-12V CB1AH-R-M-12V AEV52012 AEV110122 AEP18024 AEV18024W JSM1A-12V-4 JSM1A-12V-5 ACJ1212 ACJ1112 ACNM5112SAX ACNM7112 ACNH3112 CM1-12V CB1A-12V CB1A-R-12V CB1F-R-12V CB1A-24V CM1A-R-24V CB1F-24V CB1A-R-M-24V CB1F-M-24V CA1A-12V-C-5 CB1-M-24V CB1-R-M-24V CB1A-R-WM-12V CB1F-R-WM-12V CB1A-T-P-12V CB1-T-P-12V ACNM7112SAZ ACNM7112SAZ ACNM7112SAZ ACJ1112P ACJ5212 ACTP512 CP1SA-12V-Z CP1SA-12V-Z CB1-R-24V AEV14024W AEV17012 ACTP112 CB1-WM-12V AEP51024 AEP31012 JJM2W-12V ACJ2212 CM1AF-R-12V JSM1-9V-5 ACJ2112P CB1AF-P-12V CB1AF-P-24V CB1F-R-M-12V CB1F-P-24V CB1F-R-24V CB1AHF-12V CB1AH-R-12V CB1AHF-24V CB1-T-R-12V CB1-T-12V AEV110242 AEV17024 AEP19012 AEP19024 JSM1AF-12V-5 JJM1A-12V CB1-WM-24V AEP51012 CP1W-12V CP1AH-N-12V ACNM3112 CM1F-12V CB1-T-R-M-12V ACJ5112P CM1-R-24V ACTP212 JSM1F-12V-5 CB1AHF-M-24V CB1-T-M-12V CB1A-T-12V CB1A-T-M-12V CB1A-T-P-24V CB1A-T-M-24V CB1AH-T-P-24V CP1-12V ACNM1112 ACV31012 CB1AF-12V CB1F-P-12V CB1A-P-24V CA1A-DC12V-N CB1AH-24V ACW212 AEV18012 AEV18012W CB1AF-R-12V CB1A-R-24V AEP31024 ACJ1212P ACNM5112 ACJ2212P CA1ASR-12V-N-5 JSM1A-9V-4 JSM1-9V-4 JSM1A-9V-5 JSM1AF-12V-4 JSM1F-12V-4 ACV11012 ACV11212 CB1AVF-12V CP1AH-12V CB1AV-12V CP1H-12V CP1H-N-12V CB1AVF-D-12V CB1AVF-R-12V CB1VF-12V CM1AF-12V CM1AF-D-P-12V ACNM5112SAZ ACV31212 CB1AVF-24V CB1AV-D-12V CB1AV-R-12V CB1V-12V CB1AV-24V CB1VF-D-12V CB1VF-R-12V CB1AVF-D-24V CB1AVF-R-24V CB1VF-24V CB1AF-D-M-24V CM1F-R-12V CB1V-D-12V CB1V-R-12V CB1AV-D-24V CB1AV-R-24V CB1V-24V CB1VF-D-24V CB1VF-R-24V CB1V-D-24V CB1AF-T-12V CB1AF-T-R-P-12V CB1AF-R-P-12V CM1AF-R-24V CB1A-R-P-12V CM1AF-24V CB1AF-24V CB1AF-R-M-12V CB1AF-R-P-24V CB1F-R-P-12V CM1A-24V CM1F-24V CB1-R-P-12V CM1AF-D-24V CB1AF-M-24V CM1-P-24V CB1A-R-SM-12V CB1F-SM-12V CM1-24V CM1F-R-24V CB1AF-R-M-24V CB1-SM-12V CB1F-R-SM-12V CB1F-R-P-24V CB1A-SM-12V CB1-R-P-24V CB1A-D-SM-12V CB1A-WM-12V CB1AF-T-P-12V CB1AF-T-R-12V CM1A-P-24V CM1AF-P-24V CB1F-D-SM-12V CB1F-WM-12V ACJ5212P CB1-D-SM-12V CB1-SM-24V CB1F-R-M-24V CB1A-D-SM-24V CB1A-WM-24V CB1-R-SM-12V CB1A-T-R-12V CB1F-D-SM-24V CB1F-WM-24V CB1AHF-R-12V CB1-D-SM-24V CB1F-R-WM-24V CB1F-T-R-P-12V CB1-R-WM-12V CB1F-T-M-12V CB1F-D-WM-12V CB1F-T-R-M-12V CB1AHF-P-24V CB1F-T-24V CB1F-T-P-24V CB1F-T-R-P-24V CB1-D-WM-12V CB1F-D-WM-24V CB1A-TD-12V CB1-D-WM-24V CB1AHF-M-12V CB1F-T-12V CB1F-T-P-12V CB1F-T-R-M-24V CB1-R-WM-24V CB1-T-D-SM-12V CB1AH-R-P-12V CB1F-T-R-12V CB1AH-D-M-12V CB1AHF-D-24V CB1AHF-D-M-12V CB1AHF-R-M-12V CB1AH-R-M-24V CB1-T-R-24V CB1F-T-R-24V CB1AHF-D-12V CB1-T-R-B-12V CB1F-T-M-24V CB1AH-D-24V CB1AH-R-24V CB1-T-D-WM-12V CB1AF-T-M-12V CB1AH-M-24V CB1-T-24V CB1AH-D-M-24V CB1AHF-D-M-24V CA1A-DC24V-N CB1-T-P-24V CA1AFS-12V-N-5 CA1-DC24V-N CB1-T-M-24V CA1A-DC24V-C CA1BD-12V-N-5 CB1AHF-T-12V CB1AHF-T-M-12V CB1AHF-T-R-12V CB1-D-WM-24V-H109 CB1AHF-T-24V CB1AHF-T-R-M-12V CB1AH-T-M-12V CB1AH-T-R-12V CB1AHF-T-D-M-12V CB1AHF-T-M-24V CB1AHF-T-R-24V CB1AH-T-24V CB1AH-T-D-12V CB1AH-T-R-M-12V CB1AHF-T-D-24V CB1AH-T-D-24V CB1AH-T-R-24V CB1-T-D-M-12V CB1AH-T-12V CB1AH-T-P-12V CB1AHF-T-R-M-24V CB1AH-T-D-M-12V CB1AH-T-M-24V CB1AHF-T-D-M-24V CB1AH-T-D-M-24V CB1AH-T-R-M-24V CB1AH-T-R-P-12V CB1AH-T-D-P-24V CA1R-DC24V-N CM1A-D-24V AEP510X0 AEP310X0 AEV31012 AEV31024 AEP51048 AEP31048 AEV18024 AEVS16012 AEVS960122 AEV14012 AEV19012W AEV19012 AEV19024 AEV19024W

Thank you, I was looking for that information too.
But what exactly the suffix means, is not known?

For example the difference between:
rk1-l2-5v-h23 and rk1-l2-5v-h51 or

rk1-5v and rk1-5v-h22 ?