Part suggestions

I want a part that has one input wire and two possible ouputs. This part will be constantly receiving a zero, and will start outputting zero. When I send this part a 1 I want the output to switch to a 1 and stay there even though the part is receiving zeros. So now that the part is outputting 1 and is receiving zero, once I send another 1 I want the output to switch to a zero. I essentially only want the output to switch what it is when this part receives a one, and then I want it to hold that output.

What voltage and current levels do you want?

What’s your target price?


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That is one of the ways to use a . You turn it into a β€œToggle”, or β€œT”, flip-flop by tying J and K to logic β€œ1”, tying β€œS” and β€œR” to logic β€œ0”, and using the clock pin as the input. (Note, some flip-flops have inverted logic on some of these pins, like 1), so you would tie it low rather than high for this application).

Every time the clock sees a positive-going edge (zero to one transition) the output changes to opposite of previous state.


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