PCB Standoff With Hole

I am trying to find a specific pcb standoff that has the ability to have an m3x.5 screw to pass through it.
All I could see on the standoff ring was TKK 4 and the dimensions that I measured are as followed
OD ≈ 7.25mm, ID ≈ 3mm, L ≈ 9.40mm. The hole pcb hole is 5mm. Here are some photos of the standoff in question. Any help identifying this part is greatly appreciated.

Hello TechMonkey: The closest we have to your requirements are these two non-stocking standoffs:
RAF Electronic Hardware – standoffs M3x.5 These are just round standoffs. I was not able to find any information TKK 4. Sorry I couldn’t be more helpful for you!

Hi TechMonkey,

These highly resemble TLB/TCS combo from TKK.

Could not find any distributor for them though.
Hope this helps.
heke, AsamaLab


Thanks Heke,

These definitely look like they will fit the bill. Thanks for the datasheet I’ll see if I can find these anywhere.