Piezo Switch Pushbutton compatibility

I am looking to replace an older Piezo pushbutton switch and have ordered a new switch. The older switch has 5 wires shown here:

the new pushbutton switch has 4 wires. Do I need to exchange this for a 6-wire switch, or can the button I ordered be wired to the existing wiring?

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The PN for this button is 708-2568-ND, and the manufacturer part number for the switch I ordered is MPZI022/F/GN/24. I can not find information for the old switch button that is currently installed and not working.

Hello gotbinns, welcome to the Techforum community!

From what I can find, a 5-wire switch like this would have dual leds. If you only need the green LED indication then it would be possible to use the 4-wire switch. From the spec sheet https://www.schurter.com/en/datasheet/typ_PSE_NO_22.pdf is a wiring diagram for a 4 and 5-wire setup.


Thank you for the prompt reply. I will forward this information to my technical staff. We have only ever seen it illuminated green so this may work for us.