Plastic Clip

I’m not sure what this dual clip is called or if it can even be found, unfortunately there weren’t any markings or stamps of any kind. This could easily be a custom part but I figured I would reach out and see if anyone knows what this may be.


Can you tell us where this part is being used? I have been looking in the cable supports. Though not sure is this is where I should be checking. Is there any additional information you can provide?

It comes off a few currency recyclers RBU-11/RBG-300. It may be specific to the manufacture however, I was hoping it wouldn’t be. That being said if you can’t find it it’s alright and thanks for looking.

I will say it isn’t end of the world we can get them but I like bypassing the manufacture. It may not be helped in this case but I’m hoping they picked this from some manufactures catalog.

Hello TechMonkey,

Could you please provide a photo of the part this clip is used on?