Please help Hollow core inductor, electromagnetic response?

Question: What is the temporary magnetic expression, of the magnetic poles of an interrupted DC current, on a Hollow core inductor? For example, please tell me what’s happening during the collapsing magnetic field process of the inductor. Is there a momentary and only temporary magnetic flip during this process? Within the inductor? I understand that what goes in as a positive terminal comes out as a negative terminal. What is happening to the magnetic poles? Is there a temporary and immediate flip of the magnetic poles expressed on the inductor? Or do the poles remain the same and just decrease in strength upon interruption of the power input?

I have sent this over to our engineers to see if they can help you with this .

Thanks Craig

Hi @inventfirestorm1 ,

Thank you for your question, I will attempt to explain this the best I can. The hollow core inductor will act like any other inductor type, and will act completely opposite of a capacitor. A capacitor will charge and discharge a voltage keeping the same polarity, where an inductor will discharge with opposite polarity.

As current increases through the inductor the magnetic flux field will become larger by expansion until it has reached its maximum or until current stabilizes or decreases. As current decreases, or is interrupted in your case, the flux field will begin to collapse back into the inductor and will produce a voltage polarity opposite to which it was recieved. I wouldn’t say that the poles flip, but the polarity will depending on whether the magnetic flux field is expanding or contracting.

The flux field expands by increasing current, remains constant by constant current, and contracts with decreasing or no current.

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