Product 2451320450 Microfit 4 circuit Blaxk 5M OM

Can you tell me if this product has the same 4pin plug at both ends of the cable? If not do you have a cable that does? I need it at lease 12Ft long.

Hi @agallant20 ,

Thanks for contacting DigiKey TechForum. You are correct, the same connector is on each end of 2451320450 (DigiKey# 2451320450-ND) since it is listed as a Socket to Socket connector type under the Product Attributes:


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Thank you for your response. I did order and just received the cable. Unfortunately the plug is too small. Here is a picture. Your plug is on the right and the size I need is in the left. Do you have one like that?

It’s likely a Mega-fit rather than a mini-fit connector that you’re after. Molex lists no standard cable assembly part numbers longer than 2 meters, so if you need a 12ft cable you’d likely need to assemble your own using separate housings and contacts plus an appropriate cable material. Adding backshells and some decent heat shrink tube ought to give durability approaching that of an overmolded unit.

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