Qualcomm Development Kits, ADK, and Transaction Bridge (DK-QCC5124)

I have a client interested in building and eventually manufacturing a device with this the QCC5124 Development Kit , but am confused about what they will actually need.

I’ve read that you need to register on Qualcomm’s site as a company, get the ADK, a License (DL-BDEV-10002-1A), Open Board Development Kit (DK-QCC5124-VFBGA90-A-0), Transaction Bridge (DK-TRBI200-CE684-1), and maybe also a reference device (DK-QCC5124-GAHS-A-0).

Since there is so little information on each part, I need a little help clarifying how they all fit together. I am somewhat technical, but have found this challenging to get an understanding foothold without a written guide.

  • Does the Open Board Development Kit actually contain a QCC5124 chip or is it just a tool for programming/debugging that chip? Is it something you would use with your own device that integrated the QCC5124 or is it only for use with the reference device?
  • Is the DB-QCC5141-WLCSP94-A-0 also something you need? It kind of looks like it might be part of the Development Kit mentioned above?
  • There are references on the QCC5100 series to an IDE. Is that something behind the registration/license wall? Is that referring to the Audio Development Kit, or are those separate pieces of software? What is the relationship of those to the SDK and Libraries?

Hello @notaquestion,
Answers to your questions requires access to qualcomm.com and the appropriate documentation. You will need to register and be approved by Qualcomm before you can access the relevant documents.
Best Regards,
Scott Raeker