Qualtek FAD1-04010 & FAD1-05010 Alternate P/Ns

Qualtek released a product change notification on October 5th, 2015 obsoleting the FAD1-04010 and FAD1-05010 series fan part numbers. The major change that resulting in part number obsolescence is the removal of the sleeve bearing in these fans. You can view the PCN here. Please view the table below for the obsolete part number and the manufacturer recommended replacement part number. You can click on the Digi-Key part number to view the respective product information page.

Obsolete P/N Digi-Key P/N Replacement P/N Digi-Key P/N
FAD1-04010BSLW11 FAD1-04010BSLW11-ND FAD1-04010BHLW11 FAD1-04010BHLW11-ND
FAD1-04010BSMW11 FAD1-04010BSMW11-ND FAD1-04010BHMW11 FAD1-04010BHMW11-ND
FAD1-04010BSHW11 FAD1-04010BSHW11-ND FAD1-04010BHHW11 FAD1-04010BHHW11-ND
FAD1-04010CSAW11 FAD1-04010CSAW11-ND FAD1-04010CHAW11 FAD1-04010CHAW11-ND
FAD1-04010CSLW11 FAD1-04010CSLW11-ND FAD1-04010CHLW11 FAD1-04010CHLW11-ND
FAD1-04010CSMW11 FAD1-04010CSMW11-ND FAD1-04010CHMW11 FAD1-04010CHMW11-ND
FAD1-04010CSHW11 FAD1-04010CSHW11-ND FAD1-04010CHHW11 FAD1-04010CHHW11-ND
FAD1-04010CSJW11 FAD1-04010CSJW11-ND FAD1-04010CHJW11 FAD1-04010CHJW11-ND
FAD1-04010DSLW11 FAD1-04010DSLW11-ND FAD1-04010DHLW11 FAD1-04010DHLW11-ND
FAD1-04010DSMW11 FAD1-04010DSMW11-ND FAD1-04010DHMW11 FAD1-04010DHMW11-ND
FAD1-04010DSHW11 FAD1-04010DSHW11-ND FAD1-04010DHHW11 FAD1-04010DHHW11-ND
FAD1-05010BSLW11 FAD1-05010BSLW11-ND FAD1-05010BHLW11 FAD1-05010BHLW11-ND
FAD1-05010BSMW11 FAD1-05010BSMW11-ND FAD1-05010BHMW11 FAD1-05010BHMW11-ND
FAD1-05010BSHW11 FAD1-05010BSHW11-ND FAD1-05010BHHW11 FAD1-05010BHHW11-ND
FAD1-05010CSLW11 FAD1-05010CSLW11-ND FAD1-05010CHLW11 FAD1-05010CHLW11-ND
FAD1-05010CSMW11 FAD1-05010CSMW11-ND FAD1-05010CHMW11 FAD1-05010CHMW11-ND
FAD1-05010CSHW11 FAD1-05010CSHW11-ND FAD1-05010CHHW11 FAD1-05010CHHW11-ND
FAD1-05010DSLW11 FAD1-05010DSLW11-ND FAD1-05010DHLW11 FAD1-05010DHLW11-ND
FAD1-05010DSMW11 FAD1-05010DSMW11-ND FAD1-05010DHMW11 FAD1-05010DHMW11-ND
FAD1-05010DSHW11 FAD1-05010DSHW11-ND FAD1-05010DHHW11 FAD1-05010DHHW11-ND

The TechForum Cross Reference category is for parts that Digi-Key does not sell or parts that have gone obsolete. Our Engineers and Techs have reviewed the specifications for these parts and made a recommendation for a replacement. Please review the suggested part to ensure it will work for your application.