Qualtek fan current spec on label doesn't match datasheet

Hello, I just purchased this fan. The product page links to this datasheet.

According to the datasheet, model “FAD1-12025C * MW12” is rated at 12V, 0.16A

On the fan, the label says model "“FAD1-12025CBMW12”, rated at 12V but 0.33A

Can someone explain the discrepancy? I want to replace an existing fan which is rated at 12V, 0.16A and I don’t know if the circuit that supplies this power was designed to supply 4W.

Welcome to the community.

We get this question all the time, it’s normal for the specs on the label to not match the datasheet. The specs on the label are worst case, like startup current/wattage, vs datasheet which is nominal/ideal conditions.

For your reference here is a DigiKey Techforum post on the subject: Current (Amp) Ratings on Fan Label do not Match Data Sheet - Electromechanical / Fans, Thermal Management - Electronic Component and Engineering Solution Forum - TechForum │ Digi-Key (digikey.com)


Oh wow! Weird.

Thanks for the prompt response and assistance.