Question: PSRR of LDO LD39150

Hi, sir/madame:
I would like to use the LDO LD39150 from STM for 5V to 4.4V conversion to supply sensitive opamps. I cannot fine the PSRR value from the datasheet. Could you help find it?

PSRR ( power supply rejection ratio) specification is not an industry standard specification and is only commonly used for Op-Amps.

With power supply IC’s it’s most common to use a line regulation spec to characterize how input voltage affects the output voltage.

See page 8 of the datasheet.

Do they have the values across, for example, 100Hz to 100KHz? PSRR should vary with respect to the frequency.

Please see the same page of the datasheet linked above, nearer the bottom.

Find it. Thanks