Register write/read from MSP430F5529 to DP83867IRPAP-EVM

I am trying to Read/Write register of DP83867IRPAP-EVM through USB-2-MDIO using the Launch PAD MSP430F5529- See the Attached picture.

But, I am getting the Error message => Device Not Connected. See the attached picture.

Pls help me out why am I seeing “Device not connected” ??


I can’t say I’ve ever used any of those tools, but an error message of the type would seem to indicate that the MSP430 isn’t communicating successfully with the target device. The MDIO users guide describes some configuration steps and shows connections which, at a glance, seem like they might be different than those shown in your photo. The chances are quite good that moving a jumper or connecting wire (or several) will solve the problem.

Which Jumpers are expected to be removed ?