Remote controled stepper motor

I have a nema 34 1100oz stepper motor and driver running of 24v power supply. I need it to rotate back and forth 360 at varying speeds with wireless remote. If possible a few different pre-sets would be nice but not required. I was thinking of using a rc car remote. I have seen 2 button set ups that give on/off one way or the other… i want to be able to speed up and slow down with one control and change direction with the other. What type of transmitter/receiver do I need. And if there is a premade remote EVEN BETTER! Any help would be appreciated. THANKS



Can anyone help with this request?

Thank you.

Hello Ampedimagery,

Can you tell us more about the stepper driver or have a part number on it?

Yes we would need more information.
But with what you have provided here are the wireless control options we carry Ampedimagery. Transmitter KEYFOB Selector Switch 2 Position Panel Mount
As for a remote car controller we do not carry a finished product like that but might have the components to design your own.

Here is a touch encoder to take a look at that might work for your application.
data sheet

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