Replacement for Marvell 88E7251-A1-LKJ2C400

I am trying to find a replacement part for the Marvell SoC 88E7251-A1-LKJ2C400, but I am having little luck. It does not appear that it is sold by Digikey, and the datasheet I have found for it is pretty basic. I know it’s a shot in the dark, but I am hoping somebody there can maybe come up with a possible alternate because I have drawn a blank. I have attached the datasheet I found.
marvell-link-street-gateway-88e7251-system-on-chip.pdf (285.8 KB)

Thank you in advance!

Hello slycer2002,

I’m sorry, but without a datasheet with all the specs, and package/pinout information, we are unable to search for a possible cross. I also searched for a full datasheet, and I was unable to find anything on it.

Yeah, like I said, it was a shot in the dark. I guess I was hoping you all had access to some kind of “Super Secret” resources that only people in your profession have access to. Or maybe something to that effect.

Thanks for looking anyway. Cheers!

You’re welcome. Come back again Anytime.

The super secret information is only available directly from manufacturers, and only for those working at companies that pass vendor specific credit checks, after they sign an NDA. :frowning: (been there done that)