Request Component Information - 14550R-500

Please help to fill in the details for below component.

MPN: 14550R-500 , MFG: Renesas

  1. Tape&Reel Carrier Tape Material : (Embossed / Paper)
  2. Tape&Reel Carrier Tape Width :
  3. Tape&Reel Component Pitch :
  4. Component Pin 1 Location in Tape&Reel (°) :

If possible, please provide indications or markings for Pin 1.

  1. Component Washability ? : (Yes / No)

We only use Deionized Water via Aqueous Machine with Drying process after washing.

Here are the documents where you can find the tape and reel specifications and the recommended cleaning process:

Datasheet with tape and reel specifications:
REN_neuron-6050-datasheet_DST_20200625.pdf (2.5 MB)

Cleaning process is on page 15:
REN_r50zz0005ej0150_pkg_qfn_OTH_20140127.pdf (3.2 MB)

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