Request component information | CCR-00000326 | LA666-A51363-001

Pls help on below request.

Purchase history# 3013364349

Washable [Whether part can go through wash process] – Yes/No
Peak Temperate :
Contact time (sec) :
Heat Cycle :

Manufacture: HERAEUS
MPN# 32208550

Welcome to the Digikey tech forum. I have sent a request for this information and will post when I get it.

Hello Rinko,

Here is the information back from the Product Specialist :slight_smile:

Please review the following information from the MFG:

  • Soldering is not specifically recommended as an attachment method for this part, which is in our M series, but many customers solder to our M type elements without issue (our L type Pt elements are specifically designed for soldering, and have highly solderable lead wires)
  • The part is not recommended for direct, unprotected moisture exposure, but normal cleaning processes should be acceptable as long at the part is thoroughly dried to prevent moisture intrusion
  • The part is rated to 500 Deg C continuous
  • We have no recommended soldering profile
  • Heat cycle
    • In the context of soldering, we have no recommended soldering temperature profile
    • In the context of application performance, the sensor, when properly housed, is designed to meet the temperature cycling requirements for finished thermometer assemblies as defined by IEC60751 6.5.5: After 10 cycles, the part shall not drift by more than a value equal to the tolerance value for the part at 0 Deg C. 1 cycle is defined as
      room temp to upper limit
      upper limit to room temp
      room temp to lower temp limit
      lower temp limit to room temp