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Pls help on below request.

Purchase history# 3013364349

Washable [Whether part can go through wash process] – Yes/No
Peak Temperate :
Contact time (sec) :
Heat Cycle :

Manufacture: HERAEUS
MPN# 32208550

Welcome to the Digikey tech forum. I have sent a request for this information and will post when I get it.

Hello Rinko,

Here is the information back from the Product Specialist :slight_smile:

Please review the following information from the MFG:

  • Soldering is not specifically recommended as an attachment method for this part, which is in our M series, but many customers solder to our M type elements without issue (our L type Pt elements are specifically designed for soldering, and have highly solderable lead wires)
  • The part is not recommended for direct, unprotected moisture exposure, but normal cleaning processes should be acceptable as long at the part is thoroughly dried to prevent moisture intrusion
  • The part is rated to 500 Deg C continuous
  • We have no recommended soldering profile
  • Heat cycle
    • In the context of soldering, we have no recommended soldering temperature profile
    • In the context of application performance, the sensor, when properly housed, is designed to meet the temperature cycling requirements for finished thermometer assemblies as defined by IEC60751 6.5.5: After 10 cycles, the part shall not drift by more than a value equal to the tolerance value for the part at 0 Deg C. 1 cycle is defined as
      room temp to upper limit
      upper limit to room temp
      room temp to lower temp limit
      lower temp limit to room temp

Hi Engineering,

Please help to check with supplier on what they mean by normal cleaning. Can we perform immersion cleaning with DI water?

Hi Digikey can help on below?

Please help to check with supplier on what they mean by normal cleaning. Can we perform immersion cleaning with DI water?

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I sent the additional question to the Product Manager. We will let you know when we receive the information.

Hello Rinko,

Here is the additional information provided from the MFG:

Please review the following information:

The part does not require any cleaning, as shipped, so I assume that the cleaning is associated with some process, such as soldering. We don’t recommend a specific cleaning method, so we haven’t done any evaluation of cleaning with DI water, but based upon my experience:

  1. Immersion in DI water for very short periods of time should be okay. Immersion for other than brief periods of time should be avoided (sorry, I can’t define the time period). The glass seal on the part is protective, but not necessarily resistant to water immersion.
  2. The part should be thoroughly dried after cleaning.