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Please help to advise the washability of the components below.

  1. MPN: TL3016CDR , MFG: Texas Instruments
  2. MPN: AD826ARZ , MFG: Analog Devices
  3. MPN: CB3LV-3C-10M000000 , MFG: CTS Corporation
  4. MPN: 550-2405F , MFG: Dialight
  5. MPN: 86094327313755E1LF , MFG: Amphenol

Component Washability ? : (Yes / No)

We only use Deionized Water via Aqueous Machine with Drying process after washing.

Hello zh_kuek
I have linked some details below for manufacturers recommendations as well as a few items I am waiting for further details regarding.

  1. TL3016CDR
    “Most TI devices are able to undergo unpowered cleaning in DI water and submerged ultrasonic cleaning in DI water baths after PCB assembly.”
    [TI’s e2e Forum link](SN6501-Q1: Components for Washing Process. - Isolation forum - Isolation - TI E2E support forums "Most TI devices are able )
    Storing and Handling procedure

  2. AD826ARZ
    Aqueous washing of ADI parts? - Documents - Other Products - EngineerZone

  3. CB3LV-3C-10M000000
    Pending further detail

  4. 550-2405F
    Not suitable for water wash.

  5. 86094327313755E1LF
    Pending further detail

Thank you,

  1. CB3LV-3C-10M000000
    Per CTS Corp.
    Yes, this part is washable with standard PCBA washing process.
    But any kind of vibration [ie: ultrasonic] is NOT allowed as these parts are made of fragile quartz crystal.

Pls refer to Handling Suggestions for Quartz Crystal & Crystal Oscillators.

  1. 86094327313755E1LF
    Per Amphenol FCI
    “Yes, this part is capable of being cleaned. A hot water wash and a good rinse you should be just fine. As always, verify cleaning time and water temp with the flux company and verify results with a Ionograph.”