ReSpeaker 4‐Mic Array

Product Number: SKU 103030216
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Manufacturer: Seeed Technology Co., Ltd

Hi guys, I am planning to purchase this reSpeaker 4-Mic Array to detect noisy vehicles at an accurate lane, may I know:

  1. Other than direction of arrival, what are the other methods used for detecting the location of sound source using this 4 mic array?

  2. Is this product it efficient for road noise detection? (Installed above the roads to capture vehicle noise) Or is it suitable for smart home application only, since from its datasheet, it only supports 3 meters radius voice capture.

Thank you.

My impression from the data sheet and suppliers web resources is that this product is for indoor use in voice assistant applications.

From the suppliers web page:


Due to the product software service life cycle has expired, Seeed Studio has ceased updating and maintaining software algorithms for the reSpeaker family of products. This series of products is only used as recording playback module, all algorithm functions need to be developed by yourself.

I would not use this for anything other than an indoor hobby project.

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Hi Paul,

Thanks for the comment. Considering the outdoor temperature and weather, I guess this microphone is prone to overheating and damage.
Can you kindly recommend me some microphones that have similar function as this reSpeaker 4-Mic in terms of the noise source detection part and suitable for outdoor use?

The product in question is simply a few PCB-mount microphones mated to a multi-channel ADC. All of the higher-level functions are realized in software on the host and could in principle be used with any microphone array/ADC, provided that adjustments to the ADC interface layer and software variables representing hardware factors such as spacing between transducers.

There are microphones produced specifically for outdoor monitoring applications (examples here and here) which would seem better suited for the task.