RF Solutions "P" Suffix on RF Receivers

When you are looking at RF receivers from RF Solutions some of the parts have a “P” suffix that does not show on the data sheet The ‘P’ indicates what material the module is built on. P indicates it is built on standard FR4 circuit board material. Without the P suffix it means it is built on a ceramic substrate.


Applicable Part numbers

FM-RRFQ1-315P-ND RDF1-433F-ND RFM210W-433S1-ND HIRK-433AP-ND QFM-RX1-433-ND QAM-RX10-433-ND AM-RX12E-433P-ND AM-RX12A-433P-ND RFM219SW-433S1-ND AM-RRQ3-433P-ND AM-RX9-433P-ND ALPHA-RX433S-ND RFM65W-433-S2-ND RFM65W-868S2-ND FMRRFQ1-433P-ND HIRK-315AP-ND GPS-1513R-ND GPS-622F-ND 210-525NR-ND

FM-RRFQ1-315P RDF1 RFM210W-433S1 HIRK-433AP QFM-RX1-433 QAM-RX10-433 AM-RX12E-433P AM-RX12A-433P RFM219SW-433S1 AM-RRQ3-433P AM-RX9-433P ALPHA-RX433S RFM65W-433-S2 RFM65W-868S2 FM-RRFQ1-433P HIRK-315AP GPS-1513R GPS-622F 210-525NR