[RIIM] Is there a tool you can use to check the RIIM network quality (measuring the RSSI)?

Radiocrafts has created a tool to analyse the network quality called The RIIM Dashboard, a tool which greatly simplifies the installation and operation of a wireless mesh network to ensure that every single node has the fullest and most effective connectivity possible in the network.

The RIIM Dashboard allows the user to monitor the link quality during installation and during operation.

It can also be used to run network diagnostics. You can see the link strengths between the nodes in the network using easy to use interactive graphics.

The RIIM Dashboard is a stand-alone application used to analyse and monitor an active RIIM network, and it is capable of:

  • Retrieving the RIIM network topology

  • Graphically and interactively showing the network

  • Retrieving the neighbour table of the Border Router, showing the RSSI of the links to the other nodes

  • Retrieving the Node information of the Border Router, including the IP addresses and PAN ID

  • Saving the current network state to CSV files for later analysis in e.g. MS Excel

  • Connecting to any IPv4 address and Port

  • Added RSSI readout and network traversal

  • Added configurable link coloring in interactive mode

The RIIM Dashboard is interactive and runs in a web browser as it creates its own local web server. It can also be run in OFFLINE / DEMO mode if it is not connected to a Border Router.