Round or Barrel Shaped Surface Mount Resistors

We get numerous questions on round surface mount resistors and how to find them on our website. They are located in the Chip Resistor - Surface Mount section of our website. These are typically referred to as MELF (Metal Electrode Leadless Face) resistors.

By using the Package/Case filter and/or the Size/Dimension filter we can narrow it down to what we need. In the Package/Case we can highlight all of the MELF packages, please note a few are listed as nonstandard and will only show up if filtered by the Size/Dimension filter. If you would like to do it by Size/Dimension select anything with sizes listed as Diameter X Length and not Length X Width. Or you can use the link below where we have already done it!

Chip Resistor - Surface Mount | Electronic Components Distributor DigiKey

After that you can select the resistance, wattage, tolerance, etc. till you find what you’re looking for. Please review the datasheets and select the one that best suits your application.