Sanyo Denki 9CR5748P9G001 - Elevated operating temp effect on expected Life

I am looking to operate this fan above its recommended temperature range, at around 80C. What effect does that have on the life expectancy?

Hi justinc,

This fan is not explicitly characterized for operational life above 60°C, and is not specified for operation at all above 70°C.

But based on the expected life shown in the table above from the datasheet (90% survival at 40,000hrs at a continuous 60°C, and 70,000hrs at 40°C), it will no doubt be significantly lower if operated at 80°C.

Commonly, with electronic components, there is a halving of life expectancy for every 10°C increase in environmental temperature, which would imply, at most, a 10,000hr life at 80°C, but there may be other factors that come into play with and electro-mechanical device such as this which may further reduce life, or even make it non-functional at that temperature.

I would suggest you contact the manufacturer directly if you wish to try to get any useful information about out-of-spec characterization. I do not know, but it may also be possible to see if they could design a custom part with enhanced high-temperature handling characteristics for you.

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