Search switches by force to operate and travel distance?

I’m still figuring out how to navigate the DigiKey online catalog,so apologies if this is an obvious question, but…

I’m interested in reproducing the haptics of a particular device (a musical instrument). To do so, it would be helpful to start with buttons which feel similar to the mechanical valves of the original – ie, take about the same amount of force to depress and travel about the same distance. (Being more responsive may be ok, but that can be tested in subsequent prototypes.)

Is there a way to sort the button-switch offerings by these measurements, as well as by physical size, so I can select some good candidates? Or is this something where I’d have to just order a bunch and measure them myself?

There usually is a full dimensional drawings and specifications for operating force and travel given in the data sheet for push button switches. So when you find a candidate you don’t need to buy and try, you can get the data from the data sheet.

I don’t see options for button size or force/travel in the Digi-Key catalog search engine.

You might want to stick with units that are sold for use with keyboards because they usually have less unit to unit variability in force and travel. Plus they are designed so you can choose the key caps or even make custom key caps (3D printing is popular).
Here’s an example part: