Setting Constant CD Weld current [SOLVED]

Hey all,

I am trying to limit the current using an opamp. Need some feedback if this would practically work. On LTspice all looks good and i am able to set the current to 1.7kA. Would the constant current is controller MCP6L91RT

For the precision of measuring the voltage drop at the weld along the cable i’ve used the MAX44250. Due to the higher cost for this specific IC was wondering if i can use the NCS214RSQT2G

I wish to know the opamps selected are suitable for this. The voltage is 8.1v most probably from Supercapacitor in 3s2p configuration.

From what I am able to see, the part number NCS214RSQT2G should work in your application. You will need to review both data sheets as you are going from a 5 leg device to a 6 leg device

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Thank you @JohnMHanninen

yes there is a Ref pin which i guess is not applicable to my application here hence as recommended in datasheet i could gnd it.