Solid state relay - operation issues - Crydom - 84134750

I bought a solid state relay - Crydom - 84134750.
The control side of this SSR is 24VDC by a wago PLC, on the other side the Consumer is a DUAL DC pump - GEO-DUPLO-PLUS 12V - 7.1A
since this consumer is inductive, I connected a diode - 1N5408 1000V, 3A - to protect the SSR. I put the system under voltage and
the pump also works without control. Why is this possible, how to protect against it?


Thank you for your question. We are working on this and should have a response shortly.

Thank you

Ryan Urness

A diagram or photograph showing the connections within the system would be helpful.

Incorrect connections are a common cause of this type of behavior. Many DC-output relays will conduct continuously if the output is connected backwards. If you have a clamp-on type current meter capable of DC measurements available, these can be a useful tool for determining the presence and direction of current flow in this sort of system.