SQJQ184ER Footprint

Hello, I am working on the land pattern for the SQJQ184ER, but the datasheet and land pattern documentation show two different packages, as shown below.


Land Pattern Information (Direct from Vishay):

Product image on Digikey:

Any help would be appreciated, thanks!


From what I am seeing the land pattern Vishay show in their documentation would work for the SQJQ184ER-T1_GE3.
As the Drain pins that touch the board are all connected together the large pad they show would line up with those drain pins.

Land Pattern doc.

I suspect the Vishay product page may have the incorrect package/land pattern documents linked, as the FET in question appears to be better described by this case outline document, which seems to associate this suggested land pattern. There may be some residual oopsie in that also, as the reverse package wouldn’t seem to call for any copper underneath the package, given that the thermal pad is on top…

I’ll pass the info on, but corrections of such nature can sometimes take a while…