Status for the OMRON G5V-2 Series ‘H’ Option

On the Digi-key site, OMRON lists an ‘H’ option and an ‘H1’ option for some relays within their G5V-2 series. Questions may arise because the ‘H1’ version is shown in the datasheet, but not the ‘H’ version, so it appears as if the ‘H’ option isn’t valid.

Part numbers G5V-2-H-DC24 and G5V-2-H1 DC24 can be used as examples. The product page and datasheet links are posted, below.

G5V-2-H DC24 [click here ]
G5V-2-H1 DC24 [click here ]
Datasheet link: [click here ]

The datasheet only shows ‘H1’ as a valid option, and this indicates “High-sensitivity.”


A request was recently sent to OMRON regarding the ‘H’ option, and they explained that they decided to remove the ‘H’ option from the product line, in general, but a few of those part numbers had enough sales to justify their continuation. However, the ‘H’ option was removed from later datasheets because there was no intent to expand on that version. These remained active only to accommodate the customers that were currently using them.

In the older datasheet, ‘H’ was labeled as the ‘High-sensitivity’ version, and ‘H1’ was the ‘Ultra-sensitive’ option. With the ‘H’ option removed from the documentation, ‘H1’ was relabeled as the only ‘High-sensitivity’ version as opposed to G5V-2 (no additional suffix) which is the ‘Standard’ offering.


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