STM32MP157C-DK2 -- peripheral info repository?

Is there a driver/module bundle that supports all of the peripherals on the STM32MP157C (regardless of the dev platform, i.e. works on DK2, EVC, etc.)?

I have been able to build several different linux versions and run them on my DK2, but it is always a bit of a dice-roll as to whether peripherals will be supported. I have not seen any kind of guide along the lines of:

Peripheral            Module(s)           Driver              Tools                 Examples
===========           ========           ========            ========             ===============

I realize this may vary with kernel/linux versions, but it would save all of us a lot of time/effort if we could collect this information in a good (and permanent!) location.

Kudos to @RobertCNelson for his guide on building and his effort in providing minimal rootfs at This awesome page

I am hoping we can get similar content for the peripherals.

Thanks for any/all feedback!