Substitute for LM317AEMP/NOPB

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Hello, Can anyone suggest me an alternate for LM317AEMP/NOPB
It is for an existing design so it needs to have the same package.
My input is 24V and ouput is 12V.

Hello mtpham0912,

Thank you for your detailed inquiry. I see lower current (possible) replacement options below. Please review datasheet specifications to verify if they will work for your application as they may have differences:
Click here for LM317AEMPCT-ND | LT3088EST#PBF-ND | LT3088IST#PBF-ND | LT3088HST#PBF-ND | 161-LT3088MPST#PBF-ND

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FYI the 1980’s era LM117/LM317 series of 3 terminal regulators are usually directly replaceable by modern parts in the 1117 series of regulators. They come with many prefixes, e.g. L1117, REG1117, TLV1117, all are available in the same package as the LM317 version you use.