Sullins header connectors in T/R and Pick&Place option

The majority of Sullins’ rectangular headers, both male and female, are sold in tubes or bulk pack.
For automatic assembly processes, customers often request that these connectors be packed in Tape and Reel with a Pick & Place cap. Sullins does offer this option, though it is not documented in the datasheet for specific headers and should be requested from Sullins per p/n. If the part can be packed onto tape and reel with Pick & Place caps, the part number gets the suffix “M81”.

The connector in T/R package with P&P cap option is usually a special order request for Digi-Key, and can be ordered from Sullins. The manufacturer’s MOQ and lead time requirements apply for any such special orders. The part also becomes NCNR (non-cancelable/non-returnable). In some cases a NRE (non-recurring engineering, or essentially tooling) fee is applied by Sullins

For example, the p/n GRPB052VWQS-RC (DK P/N S9012E-05-ND) is sold in tubes, but GRPB052VWQS-M81RC (DK P/N S9697TR-ND) is sold in T/R with P&P cap.

When the part in T/R with P&P cap is created, a new drawing is issued by Sullins to reflect this change:

Due to previous requests, several headers in T/R packaging are available in our system and appear on the Digi-Key website: male T/R-P&P headers and female T/R-P&P headers, some of them even available in stock.

The Digi-Key parametric search system also enables you to choose this T/R with P&P cap option via the “features” filter section: