Surface changed to bright/shiny after soldering the Coin Battery Retainer 79523141

The surface of the coin battery retainer 79523141 from Würth Elektronik may change to a brighter, more reflective state after soldering.


Wurth has confirmed that this optical change is completely normal with this matt plating, and it will not affect the part’s form, fit or function adversely.

This effect can be seen in almost every BCMC battery holder and all mounting tabs as this is the same surface.

Applicable Part Numbers
DigiKey Part Number Manufacturer Product Number
732-12323-2-ND,732-12323-1-ND,732-12323-6-ND 79523141
732-12324-ND 79523211
732-12329-ND 79573231
732-13679-2-ND,732-13679-1-ND,732-13679-6-ND 79573141
732-12328-ND 79573131
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This reminds me of the electroless tin plating I used for home etched PCBs in the 90s. It would come out of the bath with a matte finish but the finish would smooth out and shine when heated for soldering

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